Pre-Ella Global Gathering
of Indigenous Women


On September 5th, 2020, more than 267 indigenous women from 116 indigenous nations in 37 different countries gathered in a word circle. We share reflections, criticisms, pains, dreams and actions. In times of pandemic and climate emergency, ecocide and genocide, we choose hope.

In these links you will be able to listen to the Gathering in Spanish, English and Portuguese, connect with future encounters and stories of indigenous women who heal the earth and also be part by sending your answer to the question, how to heal the territory, body and spirit?

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We want to deeply thank those who answered this call. The meeting was accompanied by more than 11,000 people connected on various channels and various languages. We know that there is still much to hear and say. That is why we invite you sisters, to share your experience with us from the heart, and to also answer the following questions that are seeds for the future.



Mother Earth is sick, so are our people. This are times of pandemic and climate emergency, ecocide and genocide. Today, we live the consequences of an economic, social and spiritual model that has infected our territories and bodies. A virus that puts money above life.

In the midst of this extermination, we, indigenous women, make melody of the struggle, While we recover land stolen from us, we insist on celebrating our existence. We sow hope, because we, ourselves, are the very Earth healing itself.

Indigenous women know the importance of healing our bodies and territories, individually and collectively. We are the ones that sow maíz and rebellion, we raise our voices in our languages and defend the forest, lakes, mountains, meadows, deserts, and the sea. We are the ones that make decisions about our bodies and reproduce life. We are the ones who tell stories by the fireside and transform narratives. We are the ones who defend the community and inhabit the cities. Our very existence is resistance. We are the ones who dream and build a world where all lives belong.

Let’s build our planet ELLA together, where a universe of women weave and discover new meanings for the past, while demonstrating our commitment to the present and every living revolution. We are sowing the future.

We invite you to gather our thoughts, our words and our actions. We call upon you so that together we can honor the memory of our grandmothers and defend the future of those who have yet to be born. We call upon you to heal our fears, and be the midwives of the future. We invite you to gather together, because we are as diverse as drops in a river and together we are the cure of the Earth.

What is it?

Cura da Terra is a series of meetings to be held before the Global Gathering of Women and Feminisms (ELLA). Our space is organized by and for indigenous women.

‘Cura da Terra’ is named after the sisters of different biomes: Amazônia, Cerrado, Pantanal, Pampa, Caatinga and Mata Atlântica in Brazil. We have listened to their heed in times of pandemic and destructive fires caused by greed. We respond with this calling by honoring the areas of action and the reflection of their struggle:


In a context where capital continues to expand, where extractivism, land grabs, violent and forced displacements, the effects of climate emergency and structural violence destroys the web of life, how do we heal the Territory?


When our bodies, our mothers and grandmothers have been plundered by war, when systemic racism grows, showing its ugliest face, and patriarchy reacts violently against our organizations, how do we cure the Body?


When the monoculture of progress and development colonize our aspirations. When religious fundamentalism is a plague in our communities, eroding the knowledge of our grandmothers and grandfathers, how do we heal the Spirit?



Be part

Be part

Our dreams and our words overflow, #CuraDaTerra is just the beginning of a long and deep dialogue. In this space, we want to hear your voice, your reflection, your feelings, your ways of healing. Record a video of between 5 and 10 minutes, sing, dance, write or respond creatively to the provocation of this encounter: how do we heal the territory, body and spirit?

1. Send an email to with your name, the indigenous people to which you belong to and the country.

2. Add a photograph of yourself in high resolution (optional)

3. Attach your participation in good resolution or post it on social networks with the hashtag #CuraDaTerra and tag @planetaella.

With our words, colors and strength, we will weave a loom, a song for the future.

All indigenous women can participate and their responses will be published as part of the follow-up to the #CuraDaTerra gathering. Send an email or fill out the following form:

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